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NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 8 – State corporations will now be mandated to notify the inspector general of board meetings.

According to a letter by the acting Inspector General in charge of corporations James Warui, state corporations will be required to submit soft copies of ongoing notices and agenda of board and committee meetings.

They will also be required to avail any other committee papers, meetings of board and committee meetings, and any other information that the inspector general may require in good time.

Warui stated that this will “enable the inspector general to comply effectively with section 18(1) of the constitution where he is required to advise the government on all the matters affecting the effective running of state corporations.”

According to section 18(2) of the state corporations law, the inspector general is allowed to call for and inspect all books records, returns, and documents, enter and inspect the premises, including any plant and installation thereon of any state corporation and attend meetings of state corporation or of a board or committee which in his opinion is necessary to do so for the effective carrying out of his duties.

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