Kenyan Originals Wins at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in Germany

Nairobi — Kenyan Originals (KO), the brand under the African Originals umbrella, has been named the best producer of local gin, ciders, and mixers in Kenya at this year’s World Beverage Innovation Awards in Germany.

Other winners included AB-Inbev, Pepsico, and Monin.

Kenya is the birthplace of a plethora of specialties and indigenous botanicals, yet until recently, no gins were distilled locally. Kenyan Originals set out to change that.

KO Classic Gin is one of the first gins to be distilled in Kenya and won the award for ‘Best Alcohol Beverage’.

”Adventure through the foothills of Mount Kenya, where the handpicked Bulgarian rose grows at the perfect altitude for the delicate floral note in our gin. To the coastal town of Kilifi, where the bitter orange leaves give the gin a subtle herbaceous note,” KO said in a statement.

”Along the coast line to Malindi where we source our licorice root, for depth and complexity. Onwards to the lush highlands of Kabati, where we pick the lemongrass for a fresh citrus vibrancy,” it added.

KO.lab, with Muthaiga Tea, the KO Purple Haze gin, secured the title of ‘Best Premium Beverage’.

”A small batch of Purple Haze gin from Muthaiga Tea Company is made with the craft and care of the Kenyan Originals team,” KO stated.

”This is made with the lead botanical, purple tea, an indigenous tea to Kenya.”

In the spirit of creativity and ingenuity, it secured two finalist positions at the awards.

”Our 58 gin stood out as a contender for ‘Best Beverage Concept,’ while the traditional recipe in our KO Mango Chilli cider earned us recognition in the ‘Best Ingredient Innovation’ category.”

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