39% of Kenyans See Rising Cost of Living as Primary Challenge Since President Ruto Took Office, TIFA Report Shows » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya Dec 13 – A new survey by TIFA has revealed that 39% of Kenyans consider the increasing cost of living as the most prominent challenge since President William Ruto assumed office.

Despite being a central component of the government’s successful 2022 election campaign, the report suggests that citizens believe efforts to alleviate the cost of living have not been effective.

The report states, “Given the fact that reducing the cost of living was such a major part of Kenya Kwanza’s successful 2022 election campaign, its continued rise helps to explain why more Kenyans cited it as the main challenge the Government currently faces (39%).”

Corruption is another concern mentioned in the report, with 15% of respondents highlighting it as a significant challenge. It is worth noting that 19% of opposition supporters see corruption as a primary issue, while government supporters attribute it to only 12% of the respondents.

The burden of repaying the national debt is a noteworthy concern raised in the report. Interestingly, supporters of the government are three times more likely to attribute this challenge to the previous government, which aimed to ensure a successful transition of leadership from the opposition.

The report also indicates that government supporters are three times more likely to attribute the government’s failures to “Opposition pressure” (6% compared to 2%), a factor beyond its control. This aspect underscores that there are factors beyond the government’s direct control contributing to these challenges.

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