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KISII, Kenya Dec 13 – Kisii County’s Governor Simba Arati has announced a comprehensive plan to increase water supply to residents while promoting environmental conservation efforts. The initiative involves expanding water connections, reviving stalled water projects, establishing new water schemes, and protecting springs.

Speaking during the Jamuhuri celebrations at Mosoncho playgrounds, Governor Arati highlighted the impact of climate change on water sources, affecting both water quality and quantity. He expressed concern over local springs drying up, forcing residents to travel long distances in search of water.

Arati emphasized the importance of climate mitigation measures and community-based natural resource management to protect the environment. He urged residents to plant water-friendly tree species to conserve forests and restore water catchment areas, taking advantage of the rainy season for tree planting.

Governor Arati announced plans to expand water pipelines in low-lying areas like Nyaribari Chache, Bonchari, and Kitutu Chache South through the Gusii Water and Sanitation Company (GWASCO). He mentioned that the USAID has supported their last-mile connectivity program with 240 million Kenyan Shillings to improve water services for more consumers in the region.

Furthermore, Arati revealed his intention to launch a large solar power generation project at Nyanturago scheme in Nyaribari Chache to promote environmentally friendly renewable energy adoption. The governor also plans to develop mini-water schemes and reservoir-based reticulation to increase access to clean water and promote rainwater harvesting.

In the field of public works and transport, Governor Arati highlighted the allocation of 243.9 million Kenyan Shillings over the past year. The administration has successfully constructed 200 kilometers of roads out of the targeted 207 kilometers, demonstrating a commitment to infrastructure development in the region.

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