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MOMBASA, Kenya, Dec 14- English Point Marina Director Nazir Jinnah has called on detectives to expedite investigations into the November 17 attack at Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa.

In a statement to newsrooms on Thursday, Jinnah said lack of action against the perpetrators and mastermind of the brutal attack will be a blow to Kenya’s tourism sector.

The attack left dozens of staff working at Diani based hotel in Kwale County with injuries and property of unknown value destroyed.

“It is deeply concerning that despite these events posing a significant national security threat, no criminal charges have been preferred to date,” he said.

“We call upon law enforcement agencies to expedite their investigations and bring the perpetrators to justice without delay.”

Both Pinewood And EPM are embroiled in a vicious court battle regarding disputed lending with Kenya Commercial bank and its receiver Kamal Anantroy Bhatt of Sai Rock Hotels Limited.

Notably, the Diani based luxurious hotel was guarantor to a loan extended to the investors for building the English Point Marina. The loan was granted by the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

The November 17 attack was the third in the year, Jinnah said.

“The safety and well-being of our guarantors and their community are of utmost importance, and we expect a swift and thorough response from the authorities,” Jinnah said.

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“We urge anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist in the investigation.”

He added, “we stand united against undue financial duress , violence and the endangerment of public safety , demanding accountability for those responsible for these reprehensible acts.”

Armed goons who attacked the hotel were captured in CCTV footage that went viral and covered in mainstream media.

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua has since condemned the attack and promised a stern action against the masterminds.

The hotel is at the center of a legal suit over a takeover bid by KCB.

Jinnah has warned that action is likely to negatively impact the tourism industry as Kenya’s position as a favorite holiday destination could be dented.

He cautioned it could lead to travel advisories at a time when the industry is recovering from the adverse effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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