Kinana calls for constructive criticism

GEITA: THE Vice-Chairman (Mainland) of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Mr Abdulrahman Kinana, has warned against a growing trend of party leaders and members publicly criticizing and humiliating government executives.

Mr Kinana issued the warning on Wednesday during an event to inaugurate the party’s office in Bukombe District, Geita Region.

He emphasized that internal meetings should be used to issue directives to party members.

Mr Kinana stated that when a party leader criticizes presidential appointees and public servants, they are essentially criticizing the party itself, as these individuals represent CCM and oversee the implementation of the election manifesto, insisting that criticism should be constructive and warranted.

“My fellow CCM members, it is important to find the best way to criticize government executives. We should not slander or bully them. There are appropriate meetings where we can address our concerns,” said Kinana.

He emphasized that the government belongs to CCM, and mocking it is equivalent to mocking the party. Any shortcomings should be addressed within internal meetings, rather than attacking government officials in public.

Mr Kinana urged party leaders to follow the example of Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, who takes action, when necessary, without resorting to public attacks or humiliation.

He highlighted that all government officials are bound by regulations and the constitution, and there are various commissions responsible for overseeing their ethics and discipline.

The CCM leader stated that the President has the power to dismiss anyone at any time, but she follows proper procedures, rules and laws.

Furthermore, Mr Kinana directed CCM leaders at all levels to operate institutionally, allowing the party to undertake its own projects and improve, ultimately building a self-reliant economy.

He announced plans to construct party offices that reflect its status, providing leaders with appropriate areas to oversee the implementation of the party’s manifesto.

“In the 2025 manifesto, section 10, article 246 emphasizes activities related to the party, including the management of morale, discipline and training within the party,” he explained.

Kinana commended CCM leaders in Bukombe for their collaboration in building the party’s office and urged other leaders to learn from their example and avoid instigating conflicts.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy, and Member of Parliament for Bukombe (CCM), Dr Dotto Biteko, called on CCM members and delegates to continue supporting each other in actively implementing government directives.

The Bukombe District Commissioner, Mr Said Nkumba, revealed that the second phase of the construction project for modern CCM offices in Bukombe District cost approximately 240m/-. This includes 56m/- for the construction of a restaurant, which serves as an economic investment for the party.

The Chairman of CCM in Geita region, Mr Nicolous Kasendamila, confirmed that they have received the directives issued by the Vice-Chairman.

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