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BEIJING, China, Dec 16 — A Beijing subway train crashed into the rear of another train that had made an emergency stop ahead of it around 7 pm on Thursday.

Hundreds of people were injured, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said in a notice at midday on Friday.

A preliminary investigation determined that the underlying cause of the crash — which occurred on the Changping line — was slippery tracks in snowy weather.

The rear train, which was going slightly downhill, skidded during braking and couldn’t stop. It slammed into the rearmost carriage of the leading train.

Both trains were traveling from Xi’erqi Station to Life Science Park Station during the evening rush hour, with numerous passengers on board.

Authorities completed rescue and evacuation work by 11 pm on Thursday. A total of 515 passengers were sent to the hospital for examination and treatment, including 102 with fractures. There were no fatalities.

As of 6 am Friday, 423 people had been discharged, with 25 under observation and 67 remaining in the hospital, the notice said.

The municipal government has established an investigation team to reconstruct in greater detail how the accident happened, to identify and hold accountable the parties responsible and to deal with injury and damage claims.

“We extend our sincere condolences and deep apologies to the passengers who were stranded, frightened and injured in this accident. We will make every effort to treat the injured and handle the aftermath,” the notice said.

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“We will improve extreme weather operations and emergency response plans to ensure the safety of urban operations.”

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