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NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 16 — -Former Chairman of DRC’s Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) has formed an alliance with M23 rebels and other political parties to take on President Felix Tshisekedi during national polls set for December 20.

Corneille Nangaa announced the alliance on Friday in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

He stated that the coalition, which also targets the military, civil society organizations, and the diaspora community, is motivated by the desire to “save our country from danger and to restore the dignity of the people of Congo.”

The former CENI leader, now residing in exile, accused Tshisekedi’s regime of neglecting the challenges faced by the Congolese people, including insecurity and undermining the independence of institutions and the military.

Nangaa, accompanied by M23 leader Bertrand Bisimwa, asserted that the decision stems from what he described as the “hijacking of the electoral process at all levels by Tshisekedi’s administration and his decision to carry out an electoral coup d’état.”

“Based on Article 64 of our constitution, we launch on this day a call for unity among all political, social, and military forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have decided to work together to establish a force for rebuilding the State to address the root causes of recurring conflicts, ensuring lasting peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Nangaa declared.

“Our platform is to be known as the Alliance Fleuve Congo (Congo River Alliance).”

Unity call

In a clarion call to the Congolese people, fellow Africans, and the international community, Nangaa further explained that the decision is driven by the will to live together in the DRC, to unite, achieve national cohesion, and end insecurity, widespread killings, and what he described as genocide ideology driven by negative forces aligned with the regime in Kinshasa.

He added that the deteriorating situation in Congo has led to internal displacement, forcing citizens to flee from the Eastern part of the DRC, where the Congolese forces and allied troops have been battling the M23 rebels.

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The situation is expected to worsen with the exit of the East African Community Regional Force (EACRF) troops following the expiry of the Force’s mandate on December 8.

On December 6, EAC Chiefs of Defence Forces/Staff met in Arusha, Tanzania, and adopted the report of the Defence Experts Working Group on EACRF’s exit plan, recommending a withdrawal in three phases, spanning from December 8 to January 7, 2024.

Nangaa emphasized that the responsibility to “save the DRC as well as the well-being of the DRC” lies with the Congolese themselves.

Tshisekedi unable to restore peace

The exiled leader, now the opposition chief, asserted that Tshisekedi deserves to be shown the door due to his inability to restore peace in the Central African state, accusing the current regime of profiteering from the ongoing war at the expense of its citizens.

“The Kinshasa regime has chosen to outsource national security by using war as a business, undermining the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo for the benefit of foreign mercenaries and other negative forces, which prey upon the Eastern part of the country sowing death and desolation,” he added.

Nangaa called on political parties, civil society organizations and platforms, resistance forces, community defense forces, the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and diaspora leaders who have not yet joined his movement to support his course for the ‘common good’ of the Congolese people.

He claimed that about 70 political groups have already joined the alliance.

“To all patriots sharing this urgent need, you are invited to join us without delay to save our country and establish governance in unity and peace, rebuilding our state that upholds its servant responsibilities on the basis of the law and ensure the safety of all.”

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