Chad expel four Sudanese diplomats

Chadian authorities decided to expel four Sudanese diplomats, directing them to leave the country within 72 hours, on Saturday.

The decision follows accusations made by Lt Gen Yasir El Atta, the deputy commander of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), on November 27.

El Atta accused Chad of permitting the use of its airports for transporting Emirati support containing weapons and ammunition for the Rapid Support Forces.

Sudan’s Foreign Minister (FM), Ali El Sadig, rejected calls for an apology, asserting the evidence supporting El Atta’s claims had been presented to Chad.

Their expulsion decision adds strain to the already tense diplomatic relations between Sudan and Chad.


The UAE for its part swiftly reacted to El Atta’s accusations by initially expelling three Sudanese diplomats, including the ambassador.

This was then responded to by the Sudanese FM Ministry, who informed the UAE Embassy in Port Sudan of the government’s decision to declare 15 Emirati diplomats as persona non grata and demanded that they leave the country within 48 hours.

Radio Dabanga reported about the worries of Sudanese living and working in the UAE should the relationship between the two countries deteriorate for the worse.

Sudanese political circles are also expecting a response from the Ugandan government, which was implicated by Lt Gen El Atta as well.

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