Ilala strengthens measures against arbitrary sale of alcohol

DAR ES SALAAM: ILALA District Council has embarked on measures to control the unchecked sale of alcoholic beverages to young people contrary to legal requirements and guidelines regarding the sale of alcohol.

Ilala District Commissioner Edward Mpogolo disclosed this during a special interview held in his office recently that the council has formed teams to identify both licensed and unlicensed alcohol sellers as a step in combating the unregulated sale of alcohol.

Mr Mpogolo emphasised that in major cities, the challenge of unregulated alcohol sales is a common issue that requires collaborative efforts from various regulatory authorities to address.

“In the month of September, we held council meetings and established teams to monitor and tackle the challenges associated with unregulated alcohol sales, identifying those without licences, and examining how we can control the sale of alcohol to young individuals below the legal age,” Mr Mpogolo reiterated.

Among the resolutions made in these meetings was the creation of monitoring and control zones. Currently, efforts are underway to identify those who violate laws and regulations.

The District Commissioner added that broad community involvement was essential in addressing and controlling the challenges affecting the nation’s workforce and the future goals of young people.

Daily News also visited local government offices to witness ongoing efforts to combat unregulated alcohol sales and the lack of adherence to alcohol sales regulations.

Chairperson of Buguruni Malapa Ward, Mariam Tuli, stated that currently, there is a significant response from alcohol business owners to register their businesses.

She added that the establishment of special monitoring zones has greatly contributed to effective oversight.

“I believe the establishment of specific zones for monitoring should be continuous because it significantly helps to ensure compliance with laws and regulations,” she suggested.

Mr Aman Dilunga, a community police officer at Buguruni Malapa Ward, highlighted that young people, when consuming alcohol, are driven to engage in criminal activities.

He explained that they often mix popular alcoholic beverages with energy drinks and valium pills to achieve an unusual level of intoxication, posing a serious risk to their health.

The Assistant Chairperson of Buguruni Malapa Ward, Mr Hamis Mgwami suggested that education should be provided to raise awareness over the danger of alcohol consumption among young people.

“Besides educating alcohol sellers to refrain from selling to underage individuals, parents should also monitor their children to enhance the effectiveness of control measures,” Mgwami recommended.

Mr Shukuru Tindwa, a Buguruni resident, noted that, unregulated alcohol sales have been largely controlled in their area.

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