BOBO NDIMA – Ultimate Style Crush!! – ISTYLEBLAQ

Our latest style crush edition features Bobo Ndima, a freelance stylist, co-founder of Boys Of Soweto and brains behind Suits by BobtheStylist tailor-made brand.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Bobo Ndima’s style, his entire Instagram account is a mood in itself with all of his amazing fashion choices. He clearly has an eye for quality and style, and a knack for vintage “70s” look and mixes patterns and colors quite effortlessly. Style is essentially second nature to him.

There is something that attracts me to people with their own fashion’. We love it when a person experiments with their style and doesn’t always do things by the book. Through your fashion, your personality shines. And Bobo definitely puts himself into his clothes. I am in love with his style (I feel like I’ve said that way too many times) Lol.



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