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NAIROBI, Kenya Dec 20 – Flood victims in Lamu County are appealing for additional humanitarian assistance as the El-Nino crisis persists in the region.

Victims at the Moa and Kikumbini camps have expressed concern that an increasing number of people are seeking refuge in the 11 different camps, placing additional strain on available resources and compelling existing beneficiaries to share the limited aid they have received so far.

The Lamu County government has reported that approximately 7,182 households have been adversely affected across the county, emphasizing critical needs such as food, sanitation facilities, access to essential services for children, and the heightened risk of malaria due to stagnant water bodies.

Additionally, the emergence of cholera has become a pressing concern, with a cumulative total of 120 cases reported. Two individuals are currently admitted, and three fatalities have been recorded since the onset of the flooding. To combat this, World Vision is collaborating with the Lamu County government to provide communities with water treatment chemicals and health education to mitigate the effects of cholera and prevent further infections.

Residents have acknowledged the receipt of non-food items such as tarpaulins, sleeping mats, blankets, kitchen items, and cash transfers. However, they are urgently requesting tents, as many are exposed to rain and cold temperatures during the night.

The floods have wreaked havoc on road infrastructure, completely destroying the main highway to Lamu. This disruption has hindered the supply of essential commodities to the area. Moreover, power supply has been severely affected, leading to frequent blackouts. Livestock are also grappling with diseases, particularly Rift Valley fever and foot rot, with no access to vaccination services.

Meanwhile, World Vision Kenya has partnered with the government to provide humanitarian aid to over 200 affected families in the camps. Speaking in Moa, Lamu County, Michael Mulei, the World Vision Cluster Manager for Lamu, Tana River, and Garissa counties, revealed that the organization has facilitated cash transfers of Kshs 10,300 per household, distributed mosquito nets, provided tarpaulins for surface protection, dignity packs (comprising sanitary towels, soap, and innerwear for both boys and girls), water treatment chemicals, and other essential items to the affected households.

Mulei also said that World Vision has allocated Kshs 450 million to support affected populations across the country.

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