Ugandan creatives shine at MultiChoice Talent Factory graduation in Nairobi


The Four Ugandan Students sponsored by MultiChoice Uganda to undergo a 12-month
training at the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy in Nairobi, graduating with skills in film and sound production, script writing, editing, and cinematography recently. Three of these won accolades and an opportunity to work with Zee World Production in India.

Nairobi, Kenya | THE INDEPENDENT |  Four talented Ugandan students have celebrated their graduation from the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) East Africa Academy in Nairobi. The ceremony at the Hermosa Gardens Hotel  acknowledged the exceptional achievements of these budding filmmakers who dedicated 12 months to refining their craft.

Rinaldi Jamugisa, PR and Communications Manager at MultiChoice Uganda, expressed the significance of this achievement for the country. He stated, “The graduates are not just leaving the academy as individuals; they are becoming ambassadors of an emerging industry that has the power to shape narratives, challenge perspectives, and inspire change.”

Among the Ugandan graduates, three individuals received special awards for their outstanding accomplishments. Hanna Nalunga, recognized for her exceptional skills in cinematography, was awarded a prestigious prize—a Canon DSLR camera with a tripod, batteries, and charger. Enock Tamale, honored for his role as a Jury member at the Kenya International Sports Film Festival, received a glass plaque in acknowledgment of his valuable contribution to the film industry. Samuel Mafayo secured a remarkable opportunity—a two-week immersion in a leading Zee World production in Mumbai, India, marking a significant milestone for Uganda in the history of the MTF.

Jamugisa emphasized, “The accolades received by Hanna Nalunga, Enock Tamale, and Samuel Mafayo are a testament to the exceptional talent that Uganda possesses.” He highlighted the importance of investing in educational initiatives and skills development programs, expressing pride in the nation’s achievements.

The Ugandan film industry is experiencing rapid growth, with numerous young talents diversifying across various sectors of the field.

The MTF program, designed to nurture film skills, encompasses various facets of filmmaking through script writing, cinematography, editing, and audio post-production. A stringent selection process ensures that only the most passionate and dedicated individuals are chosen for this unique opportunity.

The success of these Ugandan graduates highlights the importance of investing in film education and skills development programs to unlock Africa’s film industry’s full potential to tell our own stories. The MultiChoice Talent Factory continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of filmmaking in the region, providing a platform for aspiring filmmakers to leave their mark on the global stage.

As part of their Corporate Social Initiative (CSI), MultiChoice Uganda annually sponsors four individuals to undergo a 12-month training at the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy in Nairobi. Here, participants acquire skills in film and sound production, script writing, editing, and cinematography.

Launched in October 2018, the MTF film skills development program has evolved into a crucial platform for passionate storytellers in Uganda and Eastern Africa. Its objective is to enhance the skills of aspiring filmmakers and contribute to the local film industry’s growth. To date, the MTF has trained over 60 creatives from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Eritrea, with Uganda producing an impressive 12 graduates, and over 1500 beneficiaries through frequent masterclasses significantly boosting the country’s entertainment sector.

The latest statistics, following the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) re-basing of the economy, reveal a noteworthy turnaround in the entertainment industry. After a 2.2 percent decline in Fiscal Year 2021/22, the industry witnessed a growth of 4.0 percent in Fiscal Year 2022/2023. This resurgence brought the entertainment industry’s contribution to 141.5 billion shillings, equivalent to 0.3 percent of the entire services sector’s contribution to Uganda’s GDP, which stands at 47.1 trillion Shillings.









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