Performance delights CCM

DAR ES SALAAM: THE ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) has expressed satisfaction with the government’s handling of various concerns raised by the public during the party’s top leaders’ tour across several regions.

The kudos come as acknowledgment to the government’s responsiveness and commitment to addressing the needs and grievances of the citizens.

CCM’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Paul Makonda, stated that by actively seeking out and addressing concerns raised during the party leaders’ tour, the government has demonstrated a dedication to grassroots democracy and inclusiveness in policy-making.

Makonda made the remarks at a press conference held yesterday at the party’s sub-office in Dar es Salaam.

During the tour, the Vice-Chairman of the Party, the Deputy Secretary General, Abdulrahman Kinana, heads of the organization’s departments and the newly appointed Ideology and Publicity Secretary interacted with people and observed the implementation of the CCM manifesto at various levels.

Makonda highlighted the importance of unity within the party, emphasizing that Kinana had toured numerous areas and urged party executives to actively listen to and address the concerns of the people.

Makonda also mentioned that the Department of Ideology, Publicity and Training visited the five regions of Mara, Simiyu, Mwanza, Geita, and Kagera. Multiple directives were issued, including to the city of Dodoma, where the primary concerns were water access and land conflicts. The Minister for Land, Jerry Silaa, was instructed to resolve the issue in Dodoma.

According to Makonda, the government began holding land clinics in Dodoma, resulting in over 41,000 residents receiving title deeds.

These clinics have been conducted in 25 regions, issuing more than 5,000 title deeds and listening to over 7,000 residents in Dar es Salaam alone. In the Kagera Region, challenges regarding the bus and, the Kanoni River and the market were identified.

However, on December 15 of this year, the Minister in the President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) visited Kagera and an agreement was signed for 15 cities, including Kagera.

These projects are expected to spur development and resolve the issues faced in Kagera. Makonda stated, “People should have faith in their government because it will find solutions to all the challenges they are facing.”

For the people of the Geita Region, President Samia has allocated over 6 billion Tanzanian shillings for the development of a water project in Katoro and Geita, which has the potential to serve 68,000 homes with a success rate of 98 per cent.

The Minister for Works, Innocent Bashungwa, has already signed the contract to begin construction on the road from Kahama to Geita Town and the contractor is on-site.

Makonda also mentioned the Msukuma bridge, where 14 billion Tanzanian shillings have been released, and the challenge of the airport.

The President has already released funds and a contract will be signed in February next year.

In Mwanza, orders were given to boost fishing production and enlarge the town’s roads.

The Regional Commissioner of Mwanza, Amos Makalla, has already met with fish industry owners and visited the airport to address why people choose Nairobi and Kampala airports to transport fish from Tanzania.

The Ministry responsible for atomic matters will work to reduce costs and enable citizens to use the Mwanza airport to promote the economy of the area.

In Simiyu, there was a challenge in cotton farming after prices in the world market were affected.

Instructions were given, and funds have been allocated to build a large factory to pro-cess cotton in the country.

Mr Makonda also mentioned that Tanzania has launched a tea auction market for the first time, which is a great comfort and success for tea farmers.

President Samia has also enabled an increase in tobacco production and prices.

He reminded Tanzanians that the government has sent a bill to amend several laws and the parliament has invited citizens to contribute their opinions on them, including those related to election matters.

Makonda encouraged all Tanzanians to fully participate in expressing their opinions on the announcement of the parliament so that all citizens have a say when the proposed bill becomes a law.

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