Uganda excluded from Afcon finals match officials

Uganda will not have a representative amongst match officials for the forthcoming Afcon finals due in Ivory Coast early next year.

There is no Ugandan referee amongst the 26 centre referees, 30 assistant referees and the 12 officials to handle VAR.

From East Africa, Kenya has the biggest representation with three officials with experienced Peter Kamaku Waweru as the centre and two assistants; Gilbert Cheriyot and Stephen Yiembe.

Sudan has two as well in Mahmood Ali Mahmood Ismail (centre) and Ibrahim Abdallah Mohamed (VAR) while Rwanda’s female referee Mukansanga Salima Radia (VAR), Ethiopian Weyesa Bamlak Tessema (centre) and Somalia’s Omar Abdulkadir Artan (centre) are the others from East Africa.

Others from the region include Burundian Pacifique Ndabihaweririmana (centre) and Liban Abdulrazak of Djibouti as one of the assistants.

The Afcon finals will take place in Cote D’Ivoire between January 13 to February 11, 2024.

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