How Instagram Content Downloads Are Reshaping Political Engagement in Zimbabwe |

Political discourse in Zimbabwe is transforming thanks to new avenues for activism enabled by Instagram downloading tools like InstaDLL. By allowing easy access to Instagram content without watermarks, these tools empower citizens to share, critique and repurpose social media narratives to gain a better understanding of the political landscape at the moment. With the next election cycle on the horizon, InstaDLL grants Zimbabweans an unprecedented platform to realign political conversations with ground realities. By disseminating unfiltered perspectives, Instagram download tools could help reshape civic activism and electoral engagement.

So, how else is Instagram and the downloaded content being used to reshape political engagement in Zimbabwe? Continue reading to learn more.

Offline Circulation

In 2022, it was estimated that about 67.4% of Zimbabwe’s citizens were living in rural areas. Because of this, a large portion of the country doesn’t have access to the Internet. As it stands, only 34.8% have internet access, which is much less than half.

How does this relate to downloadable Instagram content? It’s reported that only an estimated 7.88% of people in Zimbabwe use Instagram, which directly correlates to the low number of internet users. This means that most of the content created by Zimbabweans that’s political needs to be circulated offline; otherwise, more than half of the citizens won’t be able to view posts, let alone know the content exists.

Of course, this would largely depend on those with internet access and who use Instagram to download the content, along with their followers, so realistically speaking, only a tiny percentage of citizens are actively redistributing content.

Creating Awareness

In an autocratic government system, such as Zimbabwe, propaganda is quite common. Pair this with the occasional internet shutdown to prevent communication and to shut down protests, and it can be pretty difficult for citizens to stay abreast of what’s really happening within the country.

By downloading content from Instagram and from creators on other social media platforms like YouTube (Taffy Theman for example) and sharing it offline, citizens have access to an alternative source of news and information.

This awareness is also necessary to arrange protests and educate citizens about what their government is doing, which may contradict what is being broadcast by state-owned news outlets.

A Chance to Share Opinions

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to share criticisms of the governing party in Zimbabwe. For example, during a protest in 2019, the government blocked access to popular communication channels (Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook).

To take it a step further, a law has now been passed named the “Patriotic Bill,” which makes sharing criticisms of the country and government a crime. Not only does this affect citizens’ ability to share their opinions freely, it also means social media platforms like Instagram will be monitored.

The ability to download and share content offline will help citizens share their opinions more freely.

In conclusion, while Instagram and other social media platforms have allowed citizens to share their opinions and educate others about the activities of the government, it’s the ability to download posts and share them offline for others to see that will make all the difference in reshaping political engagement.

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