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NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 26 – Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome has given the new Coast Region Police Commander George Seda a four-day ultimatum to arrest drug barons in the county, warning against complacency.

Speaking at the Coast Region Conference on Illicit Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs in Mombasa on Monday, Koome expressed concern that despite the persistent drug menace plaguing many Kenyans, particularly the youth, the region has yet to make a single arrest.

Koome reaffirmed the National Police Service’s commitment to combatting illicit alcohol and drug use nationwide.

“We must change; we have no option. We have brought a new Regional Police Commander here, he has signed a new performance contract with me, he has no option. I will be here on duty for about four days. We must get a baron within those days, you have no option,” he asserted.

Highlighting the seriousness of the situation, Koome emphasized the need for decisive action, stating, “What we are saying is those drug barons must be arrested and thrown in Land Cruisers, no Subaru anymore.”

He advocated for transparency in legal proceedings, expressing his disapproval of suspects concealing their identities in court.

He argued that allowing suspects to hide their faces under masks, goggles, and caps impedes identification and deprives the public of accountability.

“We must see them when they appear in court, at least that small punishment of being seen by everybody, they must face some shame,” he remarked.

Asserting his unwavering commitment to tackling the scourge of drug abuse and alcoholism, Koome emphasized his determination to effect lasting change.

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“I cannot be cowed, I am not a politician even in my hometown in Meru I don’t want to get involved in politics because I have been given work to do,” he said, declaring, “I have no fear. We must change the way we have been doing things; we must be ruthless if we want to save society.”

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