Angola: Mescti Calls for Youth to Bolster Cplp Scientific Cooperation

Luanda — The secretary of State for the Ministry of Higher Education, Sciences, Technologies and Innovation (MESCTI), Alice de Ceita e Almeida has recommended the young generation from the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) to create a true network of scientific cooperation, committed in dealing with priority issues for Member States.

Speaking at the 3rd meeting of CPLP Young Researchers, Alice de Ceita e Almeida highlighted that the encouragement aims to give true meaning to science for the development of Portuguese-speaking communities.

“At a national level, the practice of scientific research, with a view to developing applications and products for the market, will be boosted for the country to reach the top 120 of the Global Innovation Index”, she higlighted.

She also informed that the Ministry of Higher Education aims to push and accelerate the training of researchers and future professionals, through the promotion of scholarships.

Alice Ceita e Almeida recalled that by hosting this event, the country intends to bring the experience of young CPLP scientific researchers and provide an opportunity for Angolans to interact and create bonds of friendship and work.

The meeting runs until March 28th, under the motto “science to achieve the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 agenda”.

The event is promoted by the Center for Studies on Africa and Development of the Higher Institute of Education and Management of the University of Lisbon, in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation and the Association of Municipalities for Sustainable Development in Italy (FELCOS – UMBRIA).

The activity aims to promote the participation and protagonism of young researchers as agents of change and give voice to their scientific work.

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