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DODOMA: THE National Assembly yesterday kicked off its 15th meeting in Dodoma yesterday by observing a minutes silence, including giving its eulogy in remembrance of the departed Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi.

Speaker of Parliament, Dr Tulia Ackson offered a moving tribute on behalf of the Legislature yesterday in respect to the fallen country’s economic reformist, given the fact it was the first day the Parliament agreed since Mzee Mwinyi passed away and laid to rest at his Mangapwani’s ancestral land.

Mzee Mwinyi passed away aged 98 on February 29, this year at Mzena Hospital in Dar es Salaam after losing battle to cancer.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday immediately after the Questions and Answers Session, Dr Tulia said Mzee Mwinyi, who was fondly known as ‘Mzee Rukhsa’ due to his economic liberation policies, will always stay in the hearts of Tanzanians for championing for economic reforms during his leadership .

Dr Tulia reminded her fellow MPs that Mzee Mwinyi served as a legislator, minister and President of Zanzibar before succeeding the Father of the Nation in 1985 as President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

She said Mzee Mwinyi will also be remembered for his bravery and accountability after he resigned from the post of the Minister for Home Affairs due to challenges that occurred in his ministry in 1976.

“He will also be remembered for spearheading political and democratic reforms after he allowed multiparty system to be introduced in the country,” Dr Tulia eulogized.

She added: “The late Mzee Mwinyi will be remembered for spearheading economic liberation, a measure that prompted Tanzanians to nickname him Mzee Rukhsa.”

“Honourable MPs, on your behalf, I offer my condolences to the widows of Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi (Mama Siti Mwinyi and Mama Khadija Mwinyi), his children led by Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi, our fellow MPs Captain Abbas Ali Mwinyi and Dr Abdullah Ali Mwinyi, relative and friends. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” Dr Tulia concluded before MPs stood up to observe a minute-silence.

Following the death of the second phase President, President Samia Suluhu Hassan declared seven days of national mourning during which all flags were flown at half-mast.

On behalf of the government of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Head of State also offered condolences to the family of the late Mzee Mwinyi, relatives, friends and all Tanzanians for the great loss.

A state funeral for Mzee Mwinyi was held at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam before giving Zanzibaris an opportunity to say goodbye to their beloved former leader at Amaan Sports Complex.

A teacher by profession who spoke Kiswahili language eloquently, the late Mzee Mwinyi was described as a humble man. The late Mzee Mwinyi ruled the country from 1985 to 1995.

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