Somalia says ‘dialogue with Ethiopia remains unattainable’ until it cancels port deal with Somaliland

Somalia, Ethiopia leaders

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s government on Friday ruled out talks with Ethiopia until Addis Ababa canceled its controversial sea access deal with Somaliland after the G7 foreign ministers called on the neighboring countries to “keep all channels of dialogue open to prevent further escalation.”

“Somalia is devoted to upholding peace and security in the region and is eager to strengthen its collaboration with the G7 and other international partners to ensure enduring peace and prosperity in the Horn of Africa,” Somali government said in response to a statement issued by the G7.

“However, dialogue with Ethiopia remains unattainable until it revokes the illegal memorandum of understanding with the northern region of Somalia (Somaliland) and demonstrates full respect for Somalia’s unity, sovereignty and principle of on-inference.”

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