DJ BIG N Enlists Remy Crown for Upbeat Single, “Aje”

DJ Big N - Aje ft. Remy Crown
DJ Big N – Aje ft. Remy Crown

Aje‘ is DJ BIG N counting his blessings. In his first sonic offering of 2021, Big N recruits the vocals of Remy Crown.

Aje is a story about winning. Here, DJ Big N celebrates growth like only he can- with the brass and swagger of one of the country’s biggest DJs. This number further testifies to DJ Big N’s production flair and stellar aptitude for the hugely popular amapiano genre.

The song has a high tempo delivery and Remy Crown’s vocals only aids it crescendo. ‘Only good things from now on,’ comments DJ Big N on the song, ‘We should project positivity, look at
the bright side, show the problems that we are bigger than them’. This song is all high energy and feel-good.

It is a tune about celebrating the good things in life and looking forward to even better things.
A club number that will definitely have you dancing, DJ Big N delivers once again and sets a marker for what we can expect from the official disc jockey of Mavin.

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