Eritrea: Financial Support to Families of Martyrs

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare branch in the Northern Red Sea region reported that over 17 million Nakfa has been disbursed in support of disadvantaged citizens in the region.

According to Mr. Ismail Osman, head of the branch office, over 10 million Nakfa has been disbursed to families of martyrs, about 3 million Nakfa to war disabled veterans, and about 4 million Nakfa for the rehabilitation of disadvantaged citizens.

Likewise, 238 members of the Eritrean National War-Disabled Veterans’ Association have been extended financial support with a view to enabling them to become self-supportive and productive members of the society.

In related news, Eritrean nationals in the Diaspora contributed over 2 million and 170 thousand Nakfa in support of 479 families of martyrs.

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