Eritrea: Honorable Ministers Signing Ceremony On the 5-Year National Action Plan Against Antimicrobial Resistance

The 5-year Eritrean National Action Plan (NAP) on combating Antimicrobial Resistance, 2021 – 2026, developed jointly with MOH, line ministries, and WHO was officially signed by the honorable Ministers on 28th December 2020, reiterating their commitment for implementation.

Honorable Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Land, Water and Environment, Minister of Marine Resources, signed the official document indicating their support and pledge to the NAP implementation and shared responsibility.

This is a milestone for Eritrea, as the joint development and implementation of the strategic plan mirrors the ongoing efforts of SDGs execution. Health has been a top priority in the country, and it continues to lead by bringing relevant sectors together, understanding the significant role other sectors play in the attainment of health-related SDGs.

The objectives of the strategic plan are centered on four critical elements:

– Education and Awareness on AMR;

– Research and Surveillance;

– Infection Prevention Control and

– Antimicrobial Use

The process of development of the National Action Plan was very consultative and inclusive of all stakeholders. In addition to the aforementioned Ministries, Academic institutions, Orotta School of Medicine, National Health Laboratory, Ministry of Information and UN Agencies have been actively involved in the process.

As stated in the consensus building workshop “a collaborative approach between different sectors, and disciplines is essential to address AMR effectively” Mr. Berhane Gebretinsae, Director General of Medical services.

The Honorable Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, emphasized that the tripartite (WHO, FAO and OIE) should play a key role in supporting governments, producers, traders, stakeholders and consumers to move towards the responsible use of antimicrobials in agriculture, human and environment.

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