Ethiopia On Right Track to Ensure Prosperity – – Premier

ADDIS ABABA – Albeit to the ongoing external and internal challenges, Ethiopia would maintain its pioneering role towards ensuring prosperity across Africa , Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) said . Officially launching the first “Ethiopian Week” celebration on Tuesday, the Premier stated that Ethiopia has been endowed with a variety of cultures, heritages, and natural blessings. However, it needs the collaboration and unity of all citizenry to promptly declare its prosperity. To this effect, everyone should help one another and ensure solidarity. “Not only is this trend

a good lesson for those who have adored Ethiopia, but it is also significantly useful for some groups who have developed loath against the country with no justification.” The premier further stated that Ethiopia is not to be taken via utterances; instead it is stamped in our heart and mind and has wholeheartedly become the pride of all.

Culture and Tourism Minster Hirut Kassa (Ph.D) on her part said that the main purpose of the ceremony is to promote the rich resources in which the country is prettily rich and introduce all this to the rest of the world properly. Besides, the ceremony is playing an indispensable role in encouragingthe culture and investment ties between its counterparts more than ever before. The ceremony is unique as it fortifies citizens’ unity at a larger scale.

Women, Children and Youth Minister Filsan Abdulahi stated that Ethiopia is the beautiful, multiethnic, multi religious and multi-cultural nation which has abundant resources at its every corner. “One who has not traveled throughout Ethiopia could hardly confidently speak of their visiting the world fully.” She added.

Urban Development and Construction Minister Engineer Aisha Mohammed said on the occasion t that Ethiopians always make synergy when it comes to the issue of national interests as a result of the well-entrenched and strong historical chains citizens have developed since long back.

“Experiencing Ethiopia is beyond self-knowing. The event has thus been playing a significant role in understanding Ethiopia through five senses of organs, of course.” The ‘Ethiopian Week’ ceremony was organized and well facilitated following the amalgamated effort of the three ministries: the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Women, Children and Youth, and Ministry of Urban Development and Construction.


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