Kenya: Five Robbery Suspects Had Surrendered, but Police Shot Them Dead Anyway – Witnesses

Five robbery suspects who were shot dead on Tuesday near Makhokho trading centre along the Kakamega-Kisumu road had apparently surrendered after police intercepted their vehicle.

Accounts from witnesses, including a video recorded by a motorist, indicate the officers from the Special Crime Unit, who were trailing the suspects in two vehicles, used one of the vehicles to block the way and ordered them to surrender.

The officers then ordered the suspects to get out of the vehicle and lie on the ground facing down, before they were reportedly shot dead.

The accounts by witnesses contradict the assertion by the police that the suspects had defied orders to surrender, leading to a shootout.

Despite the claims of a shootout, there were no bloodstains inside the suspects’ vehicle, meaning they could have been shot while outside the vehicle.

The tarmac where the bodies lay was splattered with blood.

When the Nation arrived at the scene, the suspects’ vehicle was parked on the roadside, with one of the vehicles the officers had used parked right behind it. The number plate of the police vehicle had, however, been concealed.

The door of the suspects’ vehicle had been left open.

Bodies of three of the suspects lay facing down next to the vehicle, with bullet wounds to their heads. The other two bodies were in a nearby ditch.

A witness said the officers removed three bags from the boot of the suspects’ vehicle and transferred it to one their vehicles. It’s unclear what the bags contained.