Liberia: Ministry of Health Justifies U.S.$71K On Covid Herb From Madagascar

Monrovia — The Ministry of Health has clarified what it termed as the growing misconceptions regarding the process that preceded the bringing in of the Madagascar herbs, which was being promoted in that country as a cure for coronavirus at the time.

According to the Ministry, during the height of the outbreak, the leadership of that country offered to share with Liberia, with no cost some quantities of the Madagascar herbs. Other countries had already placed in huge orders for the herbs from Madagascar.

The offer by Madagascar did not include the shipment or transportation of the herb, rather it became the responsibility of Liberia to facilitate the movement of the herbal tea from Madagascar to Liberia.

Considering the emergency nature, copied with the responsibility of the Minister of Health to save lives, a charter flight was arranged from Guinea Bissau to bring the herbs from Madagascar to Liberia.

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