Mauritius: Measures Under the Preparedness Plan Adequate to Contain the Covid-19

The measures listed under the COVID-19 preparedness plan are adequate and meet the set objectives of containing the disease, said the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, yesterday, in the National Assembly.

He was replying to a Parliamentary Question pertaining to the state of preparedness regarding the Indian and South African variants of the COVID-19 in Mauritius.

He recalled that the South-African and Indian variants are two variants among the 4,000 plus known variants of the SARS-CoV 2 virus. Regarding the Indian variant, he underlined that available data are much more scarce. The combination of two already known mutations, which are, however, not associated as at now (this is why the variant has been inappropriately referred to as a Double Mutant), might confer to the B.1.617 variant an enhanced transmissibility but this has yet to be proven on the epidemiological level, he added.

Dr Jagutpal further stated that the South African and Indian variants are detected through the RT-PCR tests. With regards the preparedness plan, he recalled that in Mauritius, the quarantine period of 14 days is imposed on every incoming passenger and they undergo three RT-PCR tests on day 0, day 7 and day 14 respectively of their quarantine period. Subject to a negative RT-PCR test, the person is allowed to leave for his/her place of residence and self-isolate for a period of 7 days following which RT-PCR test is carried out, he underlined.

He underscored that, as at date, the period of incubation of both the South African and Indian variants correspond to that applied to the other forms of the virus. The preparedness plan, he said, does not contain any particular sub-chapter on those variants as infection from these variants do not necessitate a quarantine period which is different from infections with the historical strain of the virus. The clinical management and treatment are also identical.

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