Mozambique: Covid-19 – Two Deaths and 21 New Cases

Maputo — After five days in which no deaths were reported from the Covid-19 respiratory disease, on Monday the Mozambican health authorities announced two further deaths from the pandemic.

According to a Health Ministry press release, the latest victims were two Mozambican men, aged 64 and 71. Both died in Maputo city. This brings the total Covid-19 death toll in Mozambique to 828.

Since the start of the pandemic, 537,525 people have been tested for the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, 526 of them in the previous 24 hours. By far the largest number of samples tested – 274 (52 per cent) – were from the central province of Zambezia. There were also 78 from Inhambane, 50 from Maputo city, 41 from Nampula, 27 from Maputo province, 25 from Sofala, 21 from Manica and eight from Tete. No tests were reported from Cabo Delgado, Niassa or Gaza.

505 of the tests yielded negative results, and 21 people tested positive for the coronavirus. This brings the total number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 in Mozambique to 70,463.

Of the new cases diagnosed on Monday, all were Mozambican citizens. 12 were men and nine were women. Three were over 65 years old. No children were found to be infected.

On the basis of Monday’s results the Mozambican epidemic can no longer be said to be centred on Maputo. 12 of the new cases (57.1 per cent) were from Zambezia. There were also four positive cases from Maputo city, two from Maputo province, and one each from Inhambane, Nampula and Tete.

The positivity rate (the proportion of those tested found to be infected) for this 24 hour period was just under four per cent. For the previous week, the positivity rates were: