Namibia: Over 5,000 Vaccinated in Erongo

The health ministry in the Erongo region has vaccinated over 5 000 people since the start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in March this year.

This was announced by Erongo health director Anna Jonas who hosted governor Neville Andre when he received his second dose of the vaccine on Monday morning.

During his vaccination, Andre encouraged the rest of the public to take the vaccination, as this is the only way to protect their communities and families.

“Of course, Covid-19 is still with us, it has not been defeated. The only way is for all of us to take the vaccine. We should not be misinformed that something will happen to you. I have seen elderly people such as the Founding Father Dr Sam Nujoma who has taken it and many other young people have also taken it and they are still strong. It is just the motivation,” said Andre.

He continued that his vaccination was not motivated by his status as a governor, but by the urgency to protect himself and his family. Senior medical officer in the region, Marita Mouton also implored the public to get vaccinated.

“The needle we are using is very small and, in the end, you are doing it for your own health and your family. The vaccine can help you from being admitted into ICU or to be admitted into the hospital. We are urging the communities to please come and take your vaccine.”

Despite public doubt, the ministry has said that many citizens have started to respond to the vaccination pleas as the ministry is now conducting between 100 and 150 vaccinations per day.

Additionally, the ministry has a mobile team that has been going to the mines in the region in order to bring the vaccinations closer to the mineworkers.

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