Nigeria: Emma Unegbu Unveils ‘De Wedding Gift’

Nigerian born US-based movie director, Emmanuel Maduka Unegbu, popularly called Emma Unegbu, recently unveiled his latest movie titled, “De Wedding Gift”.

Speaking during a media briefing to announce the latest project, Unegbu explained that he has been in the film industry since 2009 and within this time has worked on both small projects like short films and big projects in Hollywood, adding that it has always been his wish to build a bridge between Hollywood and Nollywood.

Unegbu who, late last year, produced his first Nollywood movie, De Wedding Gift, said the movie has a very beautiful love story.

He revealed further that during the production of De wedding Gift, he was very shocked to note that the skills and talents in Nollywood were much greater than what he anticipated as the cast and crew members performed beyond his expectations.

Speaking further, the CEO of Hollywood Executive Studios said, “I believe that collaboration between Hollywood and Nollywood will create a positive transfer of knowledge, skills and ideas, which will be a win-win for both.”

Unegbu who revealed that that there were many producers in Nollywood who would like to explore the opportunities in Hollywood, assured that the Hollywood Executive Studios, Inc and Hes Production Limited has created that enabling platform for such all-important cross-linkage.

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