South Africa: This Week – Moving From Awareness to Action On Mental Health

This week, civil society focuses its attention on mental health action. In addition, Stellenbosch University Faculty of Law will host its annual human rights lecture and a coalition of organisations will launch their policy document on a universal basic income guarantee. Meanwhile, bees and museums will be celebrated for the richness they bring to our world.

Thursday is the first-ever Mental Health Action Day, a day that will see events and campaigns across the world, driven by a coalition of NGOs that aim to move “from awareness to action”.

In South Africa, health activists will hold a webinar to launch an Online Memorial and Advocacy Project, a new website that will help remember the victims of Life Esidimeni but also provide resources and monitoring of mental health services in South Africa.

Speakers will be from the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, SECTION27 and the Life Esidimeni families committee.

South Africa is part of the pandemic of mental illness which worsened during Covid-19, but there are few services for people with mental illness. This means that depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are left untreated and often lead to further harm and even suicide.

To support this week of action…

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