Tanzania: Company Extends Helping Hand to Orphans

Children in two orphanages in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar have benefited from donation of various items from the QNET Company.

The donation has been given to the children as part of celebrating the Eid al-Fitr with the needy people.

The children are those housed at orphanages called Safina Widow and Child Care Foundation in Dar es Salaam and Takrim Foundation in Zanzibar.

Among other things, the QNET donated 10 mattress, 100kg of rice, 100kg of sugar 5 sacks of wheat flour and 10 sacks of maize flour.

Other items included three sacks of charcoal. two boxes of Sanitary pads, two dozen of underwear, three buckets of cooking oil, two buckets of powdered milk, two sacks of powdered soap, two boxes of bath soap, two dozen toothpastes, 17 dozen of books, 10 boxes of pens, five boxes of pencil and two rim paper boxes.

Assistant Guardian of the Safina Widow and Child Care Foundation, Mr Athumani Juma said the donations would cover most of the basic needs that the children use in their day-to-day lives.

“The donations are timely and will cut our operating costs and allow us to redirect our funds to other needs,” he said. For Takrim Foundation, the donation would benefit a total of 92 orphans in the centre.

“Reaching out and serving those in need, no matter their nationality or language spoken, is something we take to heart at QNET.

We are truly grateful to once again have the opportunity to work with our distributors and various organisations to make this year’s Ramadhan a joyful occasion for many underprivileged communities,” commented Malou Caluza, the QNET Chief Executive Officer.

QNET reached out to numerous affected communities to lend support and carry out relief projects to ease their burden. QNET provided food packs, medical supplies, and essential goods to vulnerable groups and frontline workers to ensure their health and wellness needs were met.

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