Tanzania: Golf Body Told to Invest in Juniors Golf Development

TANZANIA People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) Lugalo golf club of Dar es Salaam Chairman Michael Luwongo has called upon Tanzania Golf Union (TGU) leaders to wake up and invest in juniors’ golf development in the country.

He said their sponsorship of the recent juniors tournament held at Lugalo course, should be a catalyst and they should take it as their responsibility.

Luwongo said that the organisations that contribute to the game around the world among their conditions is for the union to have juniors and ladies golfers, which is not a case in Tanzania.

Luwongo stressed: “When donations come, it is not directed to Lugalo or any other club but to TGU.

This means that you have the responsibility to fully support the development of all groups.” He also urged the youths to continue their effort of developing their game, so that they can well represent the country in future.

He also asked professional golfers to develop a system aimed at supporting junior development programmes at all clubs.

TGU Honorary Secretary Boniface Nyiti, thanked Lugalo for their efforts and successful organising junior competition, which featured players from Morogoro Gymkhana, Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club and hosts’ juniors.

The one-day tournament was co-ordinated by juniors’ Lugalo supporters Maryanne Mugo and Ken Mbaya.

Experienced players joined them in giving the juniors support. Nyiti said TGU was pleased and when they heard of such a competition they did not hesitate to join hand and advise other clubs to join the event.

He said the Union is ready to continue supporting all the efforts made by the clubs and asked other stakeholders to volunteer in developing young golfer.

Lugalo’s founder General (rtd) George Waitara said he was happy to see the club realising its goals. Speaking on behalf of Waitara, a senior golfer Edmund Mndolwa, said one of the Waitara’s goal to start the club was to develop the game through youths level.

He also urged juniors to work hard in golf but not to forget the importance of education as an educated player has a better chance of moving forward in sports

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