Tanzania: Hats Off Aboud On Covid-19 Report, Lockdown Is Severe

ON Monday at State House in Dar es Salaam, President Samia Suluhu received the Coronavirus assessment report from the committee she had formed under Prof Said Aboud as the chairperson. Congratulations Prof Aboud for the professional and fast-prepared report!

It was noted that she had set up the committee to help fight the virus that is globally a threat not only to human lives, but also socio-economic fabrics of development of any country, Tanzania inclusive.

This move with recommendations, which include the government being urged to give Covid-19 updates and put in place measures to prevent a third wave from hitting the country is a clear manifestation that as citizens, we must all take necessary precautions seriously as advised by the health professionals against the diseases.

This is an area that requires no politics and name calling, because it rips off several economies, especially the tourism sector that employs thousands of the citizens directly and indirectly apart from being a major source of revenue to the government.

It is worth praise that the committee also recommended no lockdown for the country for the nationals to freely go about their businesses, because majority depends on daily wages and petty businesses as a way of eking out a living.

However, this should not be reversed to mean recklessness in handling the pandemic that has no boundary and taking it for granted.

In reality, the virus is not a myth, but kills and should not be taken as a radio disease (only heard and discussed in the media).

Equally, it is worth praise that the committee also recommended that health workers should concentrate a lot on informing and educating the public on how to prevent and treat Covid- 19, because prevention in many ways is better than curing.