Uganda: Two Arrested Over Circulating Leaflets Castigating Museveni’s 35-Year Rule

Police in Masaka have arrested two people for allegedly circulating leaflets with messages ‘demeaning’ the person of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

The pink-colored leaflets with Mr Museveni’s cross-stroked-picture started circulating last week in the Masaka City metropolitan.

The leaflets are also inscribed with messages branding Museveni a dictator and castigating his administration for failing to end poverty, nepotism, extrajudicial killings, and human rights abuse.

At the time the messages were circulated, President Museveni had just been declared by the Electoral Commission (EC) as president elect with 58 per cent of the total votes cast through a January 14 poll.

Masaka Regional Police Spokesperson Muhammad Nsubuga said the two, currently under detention at Masaka Central Police station, were operating in a group of more than ten people said to have masterminded the circulation of the leaflets.

“We have used city security cameras in our investigations as well as intelligence information from concerned residents and the business community to identify the suspects,” he said on February 07.

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